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Deck Replacement in Powell, TN

Revitalize your home's outdoor appeal with Riverview Decks' exceptional deck replacement services in Powell, TN!

Deck Replacement in Powell, TN

Rejuvenate your outdoor living experience with a premier deck replacement from Riverview Decks. Far more than a mere extension of your property, a new deck acts as a crucial enhancement, elevating both your home’s aesthetic allure and its practicality.

At Riverview Decks, we excel in replacing outdated, deteriorating decks with fresh, tailor-made designs that resonate with your personal style and accommodate your lifestyle, ensuring a robust and delightful outdoor area for relaxation and entertainment.

Deck replacement in Powell, TN with new wooden planks and railings, amidst a home renovation.

Experience Premier Deck Replacement Services in Powell, TN

Leveraging over twenty years of expertise in deck replacement, Riverview Decks stands out for our detailed project management and a portfolio that epitomizes our dedication to excellence.

Selecting Riverview Decks for your deck replacement endeavor ensures you’ll enjoy:

Let’s transform your outdoor space into an enchanting, practical haven. Reach out to us at (865) 801-4545 to kickstart your deck replacement project!

Our Deck Replacement Mastery

Take a glimpse at our gallery to see the array of deck replacement projects we’ve accomplished, underscoring our commitment to superior craftsmanship and innovative design:


Decks Replaced


Years of Experience


Workmanship Warranty

Initiate your deck’s transformation with Riverview Decks in Powell, TN. Click here or call (865) 801-4545 to begin.

Client Testimonials

Our esteemed clients share their deck replacement experiences, highlighting our dedication to proficient work and attentive service:


Kim DiBenedetto


Nate and his team were professional and efficient. We were in constant communication. 

I have 3 dogs that the workers were mindful of by keeping the gate closed and not leaving any nails or screws as a hazard. 

JC and/or Nate were here everyday to ensure quality and perfectionThere is no one else I would recommend for your deck both new or repairs. I only wish I could give more than 5 stars!


Jennifer Axley


This company is a top class business. Every aspect of the job was conducted in a professional and respectful manner. 

My project was small when compared to their usual jobs, but Nate and Joe made me feel that they truly valued me as a client.

Deck Replacement Cost Estimates in Powell, TN

The cost of deck replacement depends on dimensions, materials, and the complexity of the design. Here’s an estimated guide:
Deck Size Average Cost
10-by-10 $4,500
12-by-12 $6,500
12-by-14 $7,600
14-by-14 $8,800
14-by-16 $10,100
14-by-20 $12,600
16-by-16 $11,500
16-by-18 $13,000
20-by-20 $18,000

Key Factors Affecting Deck Replacement Costs

Cost determinants include:

For an accurate estimate tailored to your Powell, TN deck replacement, contact Riverview Decks at (865) 801-4545.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Deck Replacement

Embarking on a deck replacement project can often seem overwhelming, especially when considering the financial and time commitments involved. However, at Riverview Decks, we’ve streamlined the process to ensure that your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Understanding the importance of financial planning, Riverview Decks collaborates with Upgrade Financing, offering competitive pricing and efficient solutions, maximizing the value of your investment without overstepping your budget.


Valuing your time, our aim is to swiftly complete deck replacements, outpacing competitors in efficiency while maintaining our high-quality standards, allowing you to quickly relish your renovated outdoor space.

Our Streamlined Deck Replacement Process

Begin a deck replacement journey designed for ease:
how much are building permits



We start by understanding your vision and requirements.
workman install hideaway partition screen on door of back porch



Precision guides our skilled team throughout the project.
Complete deck building in Tennessee



Relish in your newly replaced deck!

For a seamless deck replacement experience in Powell, TN, contact Riverview Decks at (865) 801-4545. Let’s bring your outdoor living dreams to life!

FAQs about Deck Replacement in Powell, TN

No, you don’t need to be on-site for us to proceed with your deck replacement. Many of our clients opt to take a vacation while we work on enhancing their outdoor spaces. After their return, they find a completely finished deck ready for immediate enjoyment.

Regardless of your location, we’ll keep you informed about our progress every step of the way. 

The only thing we need from you is access to your yard, enabling us to efficiently dismantle the old deck and install the new one, so you can return to a stress-free and rejuvenated outdoor area.

The decision to replace your deck should be based on several key factors. Constant need for repairs or maintenance, such as board replacements or fixing stability issues, may indicate that a new deck is in order.

Signs like decayed wood, unstable railings, or significant splintering often mean that replacing the deck could be more cost-effective and safer in the long run. 

Riverview Decks provides thorough deck evaluations to determine your deck’s current state and offers straightforward recommendations on whether a repair will suffice or if a complete replacement is advisable.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on delivering custom deck solutions tailored to your unique preferences and requirements.
The primary hurdle in deck replacement is establishing a solid and accurate foundation. This critical step ensures the longevity and success of your new deck.
Cozy deck in Powell, TN with modern furniture and forest view, perfect for serene evenings.
Nate Burket, owner of Riverview Decks, deck builder in Knoxville, Tennesee

Nate Burket

Elevate Your Outdoor Living with Riverview Decks

Trust Riverview Decks for top-tier deck replacement services in Powell, TN. We’re dedicated to crafting a stunning, functional deck that seamlessly complements your home. 

Call (865) 801-4545 to start your project!

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Nestled in the scenic hills of Eastern Tennessee, Powell is a vibrant community steeped in local charm. Visit the historic Powell Station Park for a family-friendly outing, or explore the nearby trails that showcase the area’s natural beauty. Powell is an inviting destination for both adventure and relaxation.