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Deck replacement In Knoxville TN

Deck replacement offers a rejuvenated outdoor oasis, free from the hassles of constant repairs and safety concerns. 

At Riverview Decks, our 21+ years of experience and skilled team ensure a seamless transition. We’re committed to crafting a custom deck that not only elevates your home but also brings families together.

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6 Signs It's Time for a Deck Replacement

Your deck has been a steadfast companion, providing a space for family gatherings, barbecues, and relaxation. However, as time goes by, even the sturdiest structures can show signs of wear and tear. Here are six telltale signs that your deck might be ready for a well-deserved upgrade through a deck replacement:

If your deck has been a faithful part of your outdoor space for 16 to 46 years or more, it has likely weathered many seasons. Even with regular maintenance, wood decking boards can start showing signs of fatigue. Consider the longevity of your deck and the potential benefits of a full deck replacement.

Take a close look at your deck boards. Are they showing signs of decay, cracking, splintering, or warping? These issues affect not only the aesthetics but also the safety of your deck. When 8 to 20 out of 20 boards start to display these problems, it’s a strong indicator that a deck replacement might be the best solution.

Your deck’s railing is more than just a safety feature—it’s a vital component of your deck’s structural integrity. When 3 to 7 spindles or sections of your railing show signs of instability, it’s time to consider a full deck replacement. A strong railing ensures the safety of your loved ones while enjoying the outdoor space.

Have you found yourself frequently reaching for tools to repair your deck? If you’ve performed 3 to 6 deck repairs within a year, it might be more cost-effective to opt for a deck replacement. The costs of repeated small repairs can add up quickly, making a new deck a more practical and durable investment.
The frame and foundation of your deck, including the ledger board, play a critical role in its stability. If you’re facing ongoing issues with deck framing, particularly if repairs have amounted to 3 to 8 fixes or more, it’s a clear sign that a complete deck replacement might be the best path forward.

Fasteners, such as nails, screws, and bolts, hold your deck together. If you’re noticing 2 to 5 instances of rusted or loose fasteners, it’s indicative of the deck’s overall condition. Rust indicates the structural integrity might be compromised, and loose fasteners can lead to wobbly boards and potential hazards.

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Contact Riverview Decks, your experienced deck repair contractor, to explore the possibilities and take the first step toward a revitalized outdoor haven.

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Robert Lindquist Carter​


Lakeview has done several projects for us. They specialize in higher end homes but their prices do not reflect that but their quality does. Highly recommend.

Rebecca McCoy


Nate was Professional and easy to work with. There were some changes to the remodel which Nate was happy to amend. We became quite good friends and I would highly recommend.

6 Benefits of Deck Replacement

Is your outdoor space starting to show its age?

A deck replacement can be the rejuvenating answer you’ve been searching for. When your existing deck’s structure and surface boards are no longer up to par, it might be time to consider the numerous benefits that a full deck replacement offers:

A deck replacement ensures that all the wood, including the deck’s structure and framing, is in prime condition. Say goodbye to concerns about rotting wood or loose ledger boards, as a new deck structure guarantees a solid foundation for your outdoor haven.
Replacing worn and weathered decking boards with new ones, such as composite or capped composite decking, guarantees greater durability. These modern materials resist weather, insects, and mold, allowing your new deck to withstand the elements and time.
If your old deck is detracting from the overall beauty of your home, a deck replacement can transform the entire look of your outdoor space. Opt for natural wood, pressure-treated lumber, or even manufactured decking for a fresh appearance that complements your style.
While deck repairs might seem cost-effective in the short term, frequent repairs can add up quickly. A full deck replacement might have a higher upfront cost, but it offers long-term savings by eliminating the need for continuous repairs and reducing maintenance expenses.
A full deck replacement presents a unique opportunity to redesign and expand your outdoor space. Consider adding features like deck stairs, new composite decking, or even a brand new deck with extra square footage, allowing you to create an outdoor sanctuary perfectly tailored to your family’s needs.
A new deck not only enhances your family’s quality of life but also boosts your property’s value. Prospective buyers will appreciate the allure of a well-designed and sturdy deck. The allure of a new deck’s surface, alongside a structurally sound foundation, can make a significant difference when it comes to selling your home.
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Reach out to the experienced deck builders at Riverview Decks to discuss your deck replacement project and discover how a new deck can transform your outdoor living experience.

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The Deck Replacement Process

Hiring Riverview Decks for your deck replacement is the first step toward transforming your outdoor space into a haven for family gatherings and relaxation. Here’s what you can expect during the process:

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Assessment

Step 2: Custom Design and Material Selection

Step 3: Deck Removal and Preparation

Step 4: Precise Installation and Craftsmanship

Step 5: Wood Deck Railing and Finishing Touches

Step 6: Reveal and Enjoy Your New Outdoor Space

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Contact us today to embark on your deck replacement journey and experience the joy of a beautifully transformed outdoor space.

Deck Replacement FAQs

While the lifespan of a wooden deck can vary based on factors such as maintenance, climate, and wood quality, achieving a full 50 years of service is uncommon. Traditional wood decks may require ongoing maintenance and potential replace deck boards to reach such a long lifespan. However, modern decking materials like composite deck boards can offer greater durability and longevity.
When considering deck replacement, you have several options to choose from. Traditional wood decks offer a classic charm and can be upgraded with quality decking materials. Alternatively, you can explore composite deck boards, which provide a longer lifespan with lower maintenance requirements. Each choice offers its own benefits, allowing you to create an outdoor space that suits your preferences and lifestyle.
Replacing a deck can be a worthwhile investment, especially if your current deck is showing signs of wear and tear, frequent repairs, or safety concerns. By opting for a deck replacement, you’re not only enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space but also potentially increasing your property’s value. Consider the long-term benefits, reduced maintenance, and improved durability when evaluating if a deck replacement is worth it for you.

Knowing when to replace your deck involves considering several factors. If your existing deck requires constant maintenance, such as replace deck boards or deck repair, and the structural integrity is compromised, it might be time for a replacement. Signs like rotting wood, unstable railing, or extensive splintering can indicate that a replacement is a more cost-effective and safer choice. Consulting with deck building professionals can provide you with expert guidance tailored to your specific situation.

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