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Deck Installation Cost Guide in Farragut, TN

Let's break down the deck installation cost in Farragut, TN, so you can plan your budget accordingly!

Deck Installation Costs In Farragut TN

At Riverview Decks, we understand that deck installation is a significant investment. That’s why we prioritize complete transparency and provide detailed estimates for every aspect of your project. We believe in keeping you well-informed and comfortable throughout the entire process.

Planning your budget efficiently is crucial, and having a clear understanding of the financial commitment involved will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises down the line.

 With our expertise and commitment to transparency, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results while keeping your budget in mind.

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Typical Deck Installation Cost In Farragut, TN

The cost of deck installation in Farragut, TN, is primarily influenced by two key factors: the size of the deck and the materials used.

When it comes to the size of your deck, the rule of thumb is simple – the larger the deck, the more materials and labor will be required, resulting in a higher cost. It’s as straightforward as that! More square footage equals a larger price tag, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s talk about materials! There’s a wide range of options to choose from, each with its unique costs. You can go for the cost-effective and popular choice of pressure-treated wood, or you can opt for composite materials that offer long-term benefits like low maintenance and high durability, although they may be a bit more expensive.

The decision here will significantly impact the overall cost of your project, but rest assured, we’re here to guide you through these choices.

Size (square feet) Average Cost
Basic Deck Construction 10'x10' $40k
Average Deck Construction 12'x18' $65k
High-end Deck Construction 18'x18' $80k

At Riverview Decks, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier deck installation services to the community in Farragut, TN. Our team of trained professionals is committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and detail-oriented service, ensuring your deck stands out as a testament to quality and style.

Labor Costs In Deck Installation In Farragut, TN

When considering deck installation, it’s natural to ponder the thought of doing it yourself to save on labor costs. However, hiring a professional deck installer, like our team at Riverview Decks, presents numerous advantages.

For starters, professional deck installers bring years of experience and expertise to the table. This means we can efficiently handle any challenges that may arise during the installation process, thereby minimizing costly mistakes and ensuring that the deck is built to last. Our team is also knowledgeable about local building codes and regulations in Farragut, TN, ensuring that your deck installation meets all necessary standards and avoids potential fines or legal issues.

Furthermore, we offer a high level of craftsmanship that assures your deck doesn’t just look great, but is also structurally sound and safe. This adds to the longevity of your deck, meaning it won’t need frequent repairs or replacements, thus saving you money in the long run.

Hence, while there are labor costs involved in hiring a professional deck installer, the benefits outweigh the costs. The peace of mind knowing that your deck is well-built, safe, and compliant with local regulations is priceless. Plus, with the time you save by not doing it yourself, you can start planning that first deck party sooner!

Deck Architect Costs

When embarking on the construction of a deck, it is of utmost importance to prioritize safety and functionality. While aesthetics play a significant role, ensuring that all project requirements are met is essential.

To achieve this, it is advisable to engage the services of a skilled architect who can provide expert guidance and support throughout the process. With their extensive knowledge and experience, architects can help in creating a deck design that not only meets your needs but also adheres to building codes and regulations.

Their hourly rates typically range from $125 to $250, depending on their level of expertise and the complexity of the project. By involving an architect in your deck-building journey, you can have peace of mind knowing that your project will be handled professionally and with careful attention to detail.

Deck Designer Costs

If you’re in search of a stunning and secure deck that will elevate your outdoor space, it’s highly recommended to seek guidance from a professional deck designer. With their expertise and knowledge, they can provide you with expert advice on selecting the perfect colors, materials, railings, balconies, and posts that will beautifully complement your home and personal style.

Not only that, but these skilled professionals can complete the entire deck construction project within just a few hours, thanks to their efficiency and experience. And the best part? They offer an unbeatable hourly rate ranging from $100 to $200, ensuring that you get excellent value for your investment.

By investing in a skilled worker to bring your dream deck to life, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will be built safely and up to all regulations. Don’t let the cost deter you, as the long-term benefits and enjoyment you’ll get from a well-crafted and professionally designed deck are truly priceless.

Deck Builders Costs

Are you searching for high-quality work that not only fits your budget but also exceeds your expectations?

It’s always wise to hire experienced professionals who offer comprehensive expertise in their field. For instance, in Farragut, TN, skilled carpenters typically charge between $30 and $35 per hour for custom deck assembly. This is a testament to their specialized knowledge and the meticulous attention to detail they bring to every project.

On the other hand, be cautious of inexperienced workers who may offer their services at an unbelievably low cost of $15 per hour. Remember, the price of the service often hints at the quality of the result. It’s essential to prioritize the long-term durability and beauty of your deck by entrusting the job to professionals who deliver exceptional craftsmanship.

At Riverview Decks, we offer a comprehensive deck installation service. Our experienced team handles everything from design and construction to final touches, ensuring an impeccable finished product. We’re committed to providing a stress-free, high-quality service that leaves you with a stunning deck, ready for you to enjoy.

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Deck Installation Materials Cost

The type of materials you choose for your deck installation significantly influences the overall cost of the project. High-quality materials may have a higher upfront cost but provide longevity and durability, which in turn, saves money in the long run.

On the contrary, cheaper materials could lead to frequent repairs and replacements, thereby increasing the cost over time. Understanding the cost implications of various materials and making an informed decision can help balance your budget while ensuring the quality and longevity of your deck.

Costs of Wood Decks

Pressure-treated pine has gained popularity as a top choice for decking, thanks to its attractive appearance and affordability compared to other wood options. The cost of pressure-treated pine decking materials ranges from $15.00 to $25.00 per square foot, with an additional $20 to $30 for installation.

Let’s see some other types of wood and their cost of installation:

Type of Wood Average Cost (per square foot installed)
Pressure-treated pine deck $15.00 to $18.00
Bamboo deck $19.00 to $22.00
Cedar deck $25.00 to $28.00
Composite deck $29.00 to $31.00
Redwood deck $33.00 to $35.00
Cumaru deck $34.00 to $36.00
Massaranduba deck $35.00 to $38.00
Garapa deck $33.00 to $35.00
Tigerwood deck $39.00 to $42.00
Ipe deck $47.00 to $49.00
Teak deck $49.00 to $51.00

Composite Decks Costs

Composite decking is an excellent alternative to wood, offering durability and easy maintenance. Two of the most popular brands in the composite decking world are TimberTech and Trex.

TimberTech is a reputable brand known for its high-quality and long-lasting decking materials. Their products range from about $30.00 to $45.00 per square foot installed, depending on the specific product line and color choice.

On the other hand, Trex is another renowned brand that offers a vast range of composite decking. The cost of Trex decking varies based on the line of product, with prices ranging from $40.00 to $65.00 per square foot installed.

Both brands offer a variety of color and texture options, allowing you to customize your deck according to your aesthetic preferences. While the upfront cost of composite decking might be higher compared to wood, the long-term benefits, such as minimal maintenance and resistance to weather conditions, make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

how to replace a deck board guide

Deck Railings Costs

The cost of deck railings can significantly impact your overall project budget. Deck railings are not merely aesthetic elements but also ensure safety and are a vital part of the deck structure. Various options are available, each with its unique cost implications.

For those seeking a natural and classic look, wood railings are an ideal choice. The price of wood railings largely depends on the type of wood used, with costs typically ranging from $20 to $45 per linear foot.

Composite railings offer a similar appearance to wood but require less maintenance. The cost for composite railings usually ranges from $65 to $100 per linear foot.

Metal railings, including those made from aluminum and steel, offer durability and modern appeal. These railings are generally priced between $50 and $120 per linear foot.

Cable railings provide a sleek, contemporary look with great views. However, this option is one of the more expensive choices, with prices typically ranging from $60 to $150 per linear foot.

For an uninterrupted view and a touch of sophistication, glass railings are a fantastic option. However, they are the most costly, with prices commonly ranging from $150 to $200 per linear foot.

Railing with wood balustrade and metal rails

Deck Frame Costs

The frame of a deck is crucial to its overall integrity and durability. It is typically made up of several key components, each carrying its unique cost implications.
Remember, these prices are subject to fluctuations based on the quality of materials and the current market conditions. Always consult with your chosen decking professional for the most accurate cost estimates.
A deck building project in progress with a man screwing down the deck frame

Extra Features

Many homeowners choose to add a variety of extra features to their decks to enhance their usability and appeal. Here are some popular add-ons:

deck with pergola for shade

Remember, while these features can greatly enhance your deck’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, they also add to the overall cost of the project. It’s important to factor in these potential extras when planning your deck budget.

Feature Average Cost Range
Awning $1,200 to $4,000
Pergola $2,500 to $10,000
Drinking Rail As low as $100
Deck built-in bench $2,000 to $3,000
Deck lighting $40 to $300

Budgeting Tips for Your Deck Installation in Farragut, TN

When budgeting for your deck installation in Farragut, TN, there are several important factors to consider:
Start with thorough research about the various types of decks, materials, and extra features available. This will give you an idea of what you want and how much it might cost. Be thorough in your research, as prices can vary significantly.
Identify which features and materials are a must-have for your dream deck. Prioritize these in your budget, and consider saving on lower-priority items.
Contact multiple deck installation companies and get quotes. This not only provides a range of cost possibilities but could also lead to negotiations with your preferred contractor.
The cost of installation can vary depending on the season. Planning your installation for off-peak seasons can help save on costs.
Don’t forget to budget for additional features like lighting, pergolas, or a fire pit. These extras can significantly enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your deck.
It’s wise to set aside a contingency fund (typically 10-20% of the total budget) for any unexpected expenses that might come up during construction.

Remember, the cheapest option may not necessarily be the best one. Consider the long-term durability and maintenance costs when selecting materials and features.

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Why Riverview Decks Is A Top Deck Installer In Farragut, TN

When it comes to building your dream deck, experience matters. With over 21 years in the industry, Riverview Decks brings unmatched expertise to your project. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction is evident in our long-standing presence in the decking business.

Over the years, we have honed our skills, overcome construction challenges, and gained valuable insights into what makes a truly great deck. We stay up-to-date with the latest materials, trends, and techniques to combine our experience with today’s decking innovation.

Benefits of working with us include:

You're Really Close To Having A Brand New Deck!

Nate Burket, owner of Riverview Decks, deck builder in Knoxville, Tennesee

Building a new deck is an investment in your home and your quality of life. It’s essential to consider all factors, including the potential deck installation cost in Farragut, TN, to make an informed decision. At Riverview Decks, we pride ourselves on our transparency, quality of work, and customer satisfaction.

Don’t wait to start enjoying your dream deck. Reach out to our team today at (865) 801-4545 to learn more about our services and get a personalized quote for your deck installation in Farragut, TN. Your outdoor oasis awaits!

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