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A deck building in Tellico Village, TN

When you’re interested in a deck-building project in Tellico Village, look no further than Riverview Decks! 

We are committed to offering swift and straightforward services so customers can enjoy their new decks quickly. With us, you get have access to superior materials at an unbeatably low price.

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We love witnessing our clients’ elation when they observe the finished decks we’ve constructed. This is only achievable because of our commitment to exceed expectations each time. Plus, you’ll receive these bonuses:

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Here at Riverview Decks, we understand how important it is for your investment to be protected for years and that safety and aesthetics must be taken into account when creating a deck. 

That’s why we guarantee the highest possible quality of construction with every single build!

This high-quality, durable investment will give your property an eye-catching boost that is sure to leave anyone who sees it in awe. Investing in this renovation project comes highly recommended – don’t miss out!

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Typical Deck Building Costs In Tellico Village

When building a deck in Tellico Village, Tennessee, the size of the project is your primary expense factor. The elevation and materials come next when taking into account cost considerations. Moreover, any other features you wish to include may further add to your total expenditure as well.

While recruiting a professional contractor involves extra costs, we are here to provide you with the insights needed for budgeting your project. So, let’s take a peek at these estimated charges of constructing decks so that you can make educated choices about how best to carry on!

Size (square feet) Average Cost
Basic Deck Construction 10'x10' $40k
Average Deck Construction 12'x18' $65k
High-end Deck Construction 18'x18' $80k

Labor Costs In Deck Building In Tellico Village, TN


Although aesthetics may be considered, safety and functionality should come first when constructing a deck. For this reason, it is recommended that you hire an experienced architect to guarantee all requirements are met for your project. Their rates usually start from $125-$250 per hour.

Deck Designer

If you’re in search of an attractive and secure deck, consulting with a professional designer is your best bet. Not only will their skillful advice grant the most suitable colors, materials, railings, balconies & posts – but this could be finished within three or four hours at an unbeatable hourly rate between $100-$200!

Despite the cost of constructing it, investing in an experienced worker to build your dream deck will give you peace of mind that it was constructed safely and up to all safety regulations.

Deck Builders

Are you in search of top-notch work that won’t sink into your pocket? Then it’s advisable to hire professionals with comprehensive experience. For instance, if you’re situated in Tellico Village, TN, specialized carpenters typically charge between $30 and $35 an hour for custom deck assembly instead of the $25 fee charged by those without expertise.

 You may come across some rookie workers offering the task at an incredibly low cost of just $15 per hour. But remember that the result will reflect the price.

Deck Building Materials Cost

When you get in touch with us, the first thing we want to know is what kind of deck interests you. Wooden decks are an economical option that requires more maintenance than composite decks—which don’t warp or crackle and only need a quick wash now and then—and they’re perfect for our older customers who prefer low-maintenance options. We provide both possibilities so everybody can find something suitable just for them!

Let’s see the cost associated with different composite and wood decks sizes.

Wood Decks

Pressure-treated pine is growing in popularity as a decking material because it looks nicer than other types of wood and doesn’t cost as much.

However, pressure-treated wood is a soft wood that’s susceptible to rot and pest damage. It requires constant attention and care, so definitely consider that before making your decision.

Let’s see some other types of wood and their cost of installation:

  • Pressure-treated pine deck: $15.00 to $18.00 per square foot installed.
  • Bamboo deck: $19.00 to $22.00 per square foot installed.
  • Cedar deck: $25.00 to $28.00 per square foot installed.
  • Composite deck: $29.00 to $31.00 per square foot installed.
  • Redwood deck: $33.00 to $35.00 per square foot installed.
  • Cumaru deck: $34.00 to $36.00 per square foot installed.
  • Massaranduba deck: $35.00 to $38.00 per square foot installed.
  • Garapa deck: $33.00 to $35.00 per square foot installed.
  • Tigerwood deck: $39.00 to $42.00 per square foot installed.
  • Ipe deck: $47.00 to $49.00 per square foot installed.
  • Teak deck: $49.00 to $51.00 per square foot installed.
A redwood deck with railing

Composite Decks

Some advantages of having a composite deck include not spending extra money on sealants and only pressure washing it once a year. If you think this is the right kind of material for your home, we suggest using TimberTech or Trex decking brands because they’re easily accessible with plenty of various options.

Stop by our store for a quick pick-up! Our composite decking boards are the best in town and reasonably priced at only $60-$70 per square foot. Don’t let that number discourage you from constructing your ideal project – we’re here to assist! Feel free to reach out for tailored solutions for your necessities and budget. If there’s anything else our team can do, just call or email us with any inquiries.

Railings Cost

Designing the inside of your home is a personal experience that requires careful consideration, such as deciding between different window shutter styles. Yet, some components, such as railings on elevated decks, are necessary for safety purposes. Metallic materials have become increasingly sought-after due to their undeniable strength and long-lasting durability – providing you with complete assurance that your loved ones stay safe!
While composite is a great choice, we typically advise against it for a few reasons. More often than not, our customers change their minds after learning that the best TimberTech composite railing doesn’t cost much more than an average metal rail. Furthermore, because the composite railing is still made partly of wood, it may suffer wear and tear over time.
The classic look of wood railings may be tempting for your home, but it is not the most practical choice. Wood requires frequent upkeep and treatments to stay in good condition – if they are neglected over time, wooden railings can rot and become unsteady, posing a serious risk on any deck or balcony! That’s why you should invest in a more durable material that won’t require constant maintenance if you want long-lasting railing safety.
wood deck with white railings

Deck Frame Costs

We’ll include three main things here: deck blocks or footings, posts, and the frame itself.

Deck blocks are commonly used to support deck posts and cost around $15 each. They sit on a gravel bed. If you’re looking for a better choice, use a deck footing instead. Footings are made of poured concrete that forms a solid surface in the ground specifically for placing the post. H-piers footings are the safest—and most costly—option available.

If you want your deck to be the envy of the neighborhood, choose Fortress Building Products’ metal frames over Grade #1 pressure-treated wood for posts. The frame is a major component when constructing a luxurious outdoor living space; while pressure-treated wood will certainly hold up over time, it could not possibly compare to Fortress’s ironclad guarantee of durability and longevity.

For a more visually attractive look, you may want to consider upgrading with special hardware like brackets, nails, and screws. Your contractor should ensure that you are aware of all possible costs for each option so that your decision is educated. If luxury materials are what will complete your design vision, metal framing could be a perfect choice!

wood deck frame

Tellico Village Homeowners Love Their Riverview Decks!


Kim DiBenedetto


Nate and his team were professional and efficient. We were in constant communication. 

I have 3 dogs that the workers were mindful of by keeping the gate closed and not leaving any nails or screws as a hazard. 

JC and/or Nate were here everyday to ensure quality and perfection. 

There is no one else I would recommend for your deck both new or repairs. I only wish I could give more than 5 stars!


Amber Engle


We had a fantastic experience with Nate, Jose and his team! They were efficient and professional. 

The communication was impeccable. I was updated every step of the way and always got a timely response when I had a question. 

They reminded me of a popular chain restaurant that we all know and love with their professionalism and polish. Seriously, they are a step above the rest. 

Even the county inspector kept complimenting their craftsmanship. My deck looks amazing! We will be using them for many future projects for sure.

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

In recent years, the deck-building field has undergone a massive transformation, with composite materials in high demand due to their time efficiency. With so many materials to choose from, it’s essential that you conduct thorough research before committing to any major repairs or renovations for your outdoor space.

Deck Frame

Many decks fail due to their framing material, particularly pressure-treated wood. 

Though this has been a popular option for some time, Grade 1 lumber can succumb to rot or even the growth of mold and mildew with age – not only detracting from its appearance but also posing risks.

If you’re searching for the highest quality aluminum and steel frames, Fortress Building Products has exactly what you need. Their products are designed to fit all types of decking material and created with durability in mind. While metal framing may have a higher initial cost than wood, it is an excellent investment as it pays off over time!

Composite decking on a pressure treated frame


Choosing the right decking boards for your new space is essential; they finish off the look and create atmosphere, so ensure you are fully satisfied with your decision. 

Wood decking offers a natural feel at an affordable cost- however, it does require regular upkeep to maintain its condition. You will find yourself needing to stain, seal or repair often in order to keep things looking their best – which could mean more money spent further down the line.

Upgrade your outdoor living space with composite materials and bid farewell to those time-consuming annual deck maintenance sessions! 

Not only will you save money on the long run due to fewer refinishing or repainting, but you can still have an eye-catching wood-like look without all of the hassle. We are proud partners of leading brands in this sector, such as Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon, and many other top companies.

A ground level wood decking with a pergola


Railings are not only a great way to complete the look of your deck, they also bring an added level of safety and security that is essential for you and your family. 

Not to mention, railings provide a tangible feeling of protection which will truly elevate the look and feel of any outdoor space. With railings, your decision will be easy. Wood railings are more costly to create, install, and look after. Furthermore, even treated wood will not endure as long as metal.

If you want the highest quality railing available, go for Westbury’s aluminum railings. They are similar in price to composite ones, but their St. Louis Steel and Aluminum Railing option is unbeatable! 


Don’t be caught off-guard – certain cities and states mandate that homeowners install deck lights for security reasons. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have both a gorgeous atmosphere and the capacity to see in the dark? We are passionate about offering top-notch low voltage options, giving our customers here in Tellico Village an economical yet remarkable solution.

A rooftop deck with deck lighting
Other Upgrades:

Ideas For Your Deck Building In Tellico Village

Look at our gallery if you’re unsure where, to begin with your deck building in Tellico Village. Discover what you want your addition to look like, and let’s make it happen!

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This process has been designed specifically to make your deck-building project easier and finished in a timely manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The total cost of your deck depends on various factors, including size and height, chosen materials, and added features like stairs or railings. 

For instance, a 12×12 cedar deck with standard construction methods should amount to approximately $15 thousand. However, more elaborate projects, such as a 20×12 composite deck complete with aluminum railings plus fascia wrapping and steps, could go up to $35 thousand.

I offer a comprehensive initial consultation to ensure we both understand the project ahead of us. During this time, you will get details on all essential materials and processes so that budgeting is easy; plus, everything can be tailored to your personal style.

We typically complete projects in three days, however, more complex operations, such as an elevated deck with several features and customizations, require a minimum of one week to ensure flawless completion.

By assessing your unique needs, our team will provide you with a rough timeline so that you can properly plan ahead. Nevertheless, after we visit the site to get an up-close look at everything, we’ll be able to give you more precise details about how long it will take us for things to operate efficiently.

Rest assured that your deck will not only remain in pristine condition for years to come, but we provide a 5-year workmanship guarantee – securing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing it is built to last as long as you are living in your home. 

Additionally, our manufacturer provides a limited-to-lifetime materials warranty to address any defects or discrepancies promptly and efficiently.

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Stop your search for a dependable contractor to bring your Tellico Village project to life – Riverview Decks has got you covered! 

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We tend to over-deliver, so besides a beautiful, safe, and long-lasting deck, you’ll also get:

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