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5 Ideas For Storage Under Decking And What To Be Aware Of

Decks provide a great deal of aesthetics and will undoubtedly improve the mood of your outdoor space. But besides this, a deck can also be functional and serve as a storage area.

If you ran out of space in your garage, or you have several things meant to be used on your deck, like a couple of pliable chairs, some leftover stain, or some tools, you could store them under your decking!

In this article, you’ll find 5 ways to create storage under decking, and what to be aware of when using that space as a storage area.

Let’s begin.

A deck with a shed for extra storage

What To Consider When Storing Things Under Decking

When storing items under decking, it is important to be aware of the following:

Rodent And Pest Infiltration

Depending on what you’re storing, rodents and pests will be attracted to it. Make sure to seal off the area well to avoid having pests making their home in your storage area.

Needless to say, rodents can be harmful and carry all sorts of other insects or diseases that will require a lot of effort to get rid of.

Moisture Damage

If what you’re storing under the decking is not weatherproof, they could be susceptible to water damage if it rains. The best way to avoid this is either by covering them with a tarp or creating a space where water can’t get in.

Ensure Items Safe

If you have heavy items stored under your deck, make sure they are properly secured so they don’t fall and damage your deck or injure someone.

Remember that decks are made to sustain only a certain amount of weight. With time, your deck will become more and more weak and that extra weight can cause your deck to fail and collapse.

Tip: If you haven’t yet started your deck building project, use a deck design software to create a space that also has a considerably large storage area without it being obvious. Storage under decking is an incredibly functional feature to have on a deck!

Storage under decking on a large home

5 Storage Under Decking Ideas To Save Space

Let’s see the 5 most common things you could store under your deck to ensure a better, more organized space.

1. Seasonal Items

Your deck is part of your outdoor space, but it’s a permanent feature that you don’t need to keep assembling or disassembling. Which is why it is a great place to store other outdoor features.

You can keep the pool paraphernalia or the outdoor furniture away in the winter months, and the Christmas decorations and ornaments stored in the summer.

2. Garden Tools

Hoses, rakes, shovels, fertilizers, seeds, and lawnmowers take a lot of space in a garage or a shed. Storage under your deck boards allow you to hide these tools and save a lot of space that you could use differently.

A pegboard is a simple enhancement that allows you to keep your most-used gardening equipment in place. If you want to keep this space somewhat unfinished, you can also keep logs for the fireplace.

3. Sports Items And Toys

Under-deck storage is perfect for bicycles, sports gear, camping chairs, or anything else that’s taking too much space in your home.

You can also hang your kayaks or canoes under deck ceiling, or the toys the little ones are using throughout the summer. Take apart the trampoline and store it under the decking boards so it doesn’t get damaged by the elements when winter comes.

4. Transform It!

One way to make the most out of your under-deck storage area is to transform it into a shed. This can be done by adding some shelves and a workbench to the space.

This will give you a space to store your tools, as well as a place to work on small projects or repairs.

If you’re not the handy type, you can use this space to create a small home office or a reading nook.

Another great idea is to turn it into a playhouse for the kids or a man cave. The possibilities are endless!

A shed on a deck

5. Or Finish The Outdoor Space

If you don’t really have anything to store under your deck, you can simply finish your outdoor space with a concrete patio, some chairs, a table, and a barbecue.

This will keep the vibe of the outdoor space, as you’re not making it a shed or a workshop. It’s true that you won’t really be able to store anything there if you’re making a patio with chairs and tables, but it’ll help give your outdoor space a finished look.


If you’re looking to add more deck storage space to your property, storage under decking is a great way to do so. We hoped these deck storage ideas helped, but if you need more advice, we’re at your service.

It’s a more functional approach to a deck that helps you store items in a very accessible space that you constantly have eyes on.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to transform the space under your existing deck in a garage or a storage shed, get in touch with us and we can make that happen. If you want your new space to remain seamless and flawless, you’d want a professional to take care of your deck storage project.

At Riverview Decks, we’re experts in creating beautiful outdoor spaces that leave every one of your guests in awe. Get in touch with us by requesting a quote or by calling us today!

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