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Elevated Decks In Knoxville, TN

Discover elevated decks in Knoxville, TN, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

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There’s nothing better than drinking your coffee in the morning and taking in the amazing landscape in your backyard. Sure ground-level decks are more affordable, but an elevated deck in Knoxville, TN, is the perfect opportunity to gather your friends and entertain everyone with a barbecue.

Here at Riverview Decks in Knoxville, TN, we’ve built hundreds of elevated decks for our clients, and we plan to keep it up for decades. We offer homeowners around here an exceptional and complete deck building service – one that takes care of everything for you!

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Cost Of Elevated Decks In Knoxville, TN

In general, the cost to build a second-story deck can be anywhere from $30 to $60 per square foot as a national average. Here’s why elevated decks cost more than ground-level decks:

  • Elevated decks will always require a building permit, adding to the total cost.
  • There’s more labor involved in building a second-story deck.
  • A second-story deck needs more bracing.
  • Elevated decks also require at least one set of stairs. Depending on elevation, you might need 2 sets of stairs.
  • You’ll need better concrete footings and sturdier posts for the framing.
  • While you don’t necessarily need railing on ground-level decks, railing is mandatory by code for elevated decks in Knoxville, TN.
Typically, a deck that’s 10 feet by 12 feet will cost $3,600 to $7,200 for materials only.
Project Part Cost
Building Permit $150 - $300
Posts and Footings $100 - $300 per post in poured concrete footing
A Set of Stairs Between $1,500 and $2,500, depending on the number of steps and material
Bracings Between $70 to $90 for diagonal bracing
Metal Railings Wrought iron railings cost $65 to $135 per linear foot
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Best Materials For Elevated Decks

Let’s take a look at what materials you’ll want to get for your outdoor space.


For framing, our best option is pressure-treated wood. This material remains the standard material for deck framing because of how affordable and easy to maneuver it is.


The best railing on the market is Westbury Aluminum Railings. These metal railings are sturdy, highly durable, and very resistant to the elements or heavy weights.

Decking Surface

For the decking boards, you have two big options.

  • If you don’t mind maintaining your deck, wood is a popular choice for many of our clients here in Knoxville. Cedar and pressure-treated lumber are the most common decking options. Cedar is naturally resistant to the elements and PT wood is the most affordable type of wood.
  • If you’d rather have a no-maintenance deck, go with composite decking. This material is a mix of wood fibers and plastic, glued together under extreme heat. Composite doesn’t require sealing or staining, and is more durable, heavy, and resistant than wood. The most popular composite decking brands are Trex and TimberTech.

Deck Drainage

For your under-deck drainage system, you’ll want a reliable system that can stand strong against the weather here in Knoxville, TN. Our preferred choice is the Trex RainEscape drainage system. While this is a more high-end option, it’s definitely a solution that’ll prolong your deck’s life and make it more self-sustaining.
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DIY Vs Professional Deck Building

DIYers can install their own elevated deck, but they must follow IRC building codes just like a contractor does. You may need to get permits from your local housing authority, as well.

Sure, you might save some money by doing parts of the project by yourself, but can you guarantee they’re up to code and reliable? The last thing you want is to gather your loved ones on a deck that’s not completely sure and puts everyone’s life at risk.

Here at Riverview Decks, we take immense pride in giving homeowners all over Knoxville, TN, a complete and high-quality deck building service. We’re taking care of getting the permits for you, designing your deck, and also building it to perfection. We’re a one-stop shop for your decking needs.


When designing an elevated deck, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the load-bearing capacity of the structure, local building codes and regulations, proper footings and support, as well as factors like access, privacy, and aesthetics. Safety measures, including railings and stairs, should also be incorporated into the design.
Common materials for elevated decks include pressure-treated wood, composite decking, and steel. Pressure-treated wood is a traditional and cost-effective choice, while composite decking offers durability and low maintenance. Steel can be used for the framing and support structure, providing strength and stability.
Safety on an elevated deck is paramount. It involves proper railing installation meeting local building codes, regular inspections for wear and tear, and using slip-resistant materials on the deck surface. Stairs should have consistent rise and run dimensions, and any changes in elevation should be clearly marked. Regular maintenance, including checking for loose boards or fasteners, is essential for long-term safety.
Challenges in elevated deck construction may include adherence to local building codes, addressing potential soil and foundation issues, and ensuring proper drainage to prevent water damage. Additionally, designing for accessibility, especially if the deck is elevated significantly above the ground, can present challenges. Professional consultation and careful planning can help address these challenges.
To protect an elevated deck from the elements, consider using waterproofing sealers or coatings, especially if the deck is exposed to rain or snow. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and staining, can help prevent deterioration due to weathering. Properly designed overhangs or roofing structures can also provide additional protection from sun and rain.

Ensure A Completely Safe Elevated Deck In Knoxville

Nate Burket, owner of Riverview Decks, deck builder in Knoxville, Tennesee

One of the most important aspects of building a deck, especially an elevated deck, is its safety. This structure needs to hold dozens of people – friends and family. The last thing you want is for your structure to fail and create an unpleasant event that turns a relaxing night into a nightmare.

If you want a reliable deck builder whose work is backed by decades of building experience, Riverview Decks is one of your safest choices. We take immense pride in giving our clients elevated decks that raise to the highest standards of the industry.

Give us a ring at (865) 801-4545 or request a free quote from the button below, and let’s talk about your upcoming elevated deck in Knoxville, TN!

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