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Most Important Deck Building Codes In Knoxville, TN

If you’re planning to start an outdoor living space project in Knoxville, TN, you’ll need to know the most important deck building codes.

Following the regulations and building codes ensure your deck will be safe for you and your loved ones, and your building process will go smoothly and without any major step back.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most important deck building codes in Knoxville, TN, and what to do to avoid all the hassle of obtaining your permit,

Let’s begin.

Codes for building a deck and the blueprint of a home project

What Are Deck Building Codes

Deck building codes are rules that need to be followed when building a deck. This is so the deck is safe for people to use without causing any problems.

There are different deck building codes for different areas, so you’ll need to make sure you get the right ones for Knoxville, TN.

You can find these codes online or from your local city office.

Once you have the deck building codes, you’ll need to follow them to the letter. If you don’t, you could be fined or even have to tear down your deck. On the other side, a code compliant deck means your space will be fully functional and safe for you and your loved ones.

The Most Important Deck building Codes in Knoxville, TN

There are three main codes you need to be aware of when building a deck in Knoxville, TN.

They are:

The International Residential Code (IRC)

The International Residential Code is the most important code for you to follow. This is because it contains the regulations that specifically pertain to decks.

You can get a copy of the IRC from your local city office or online.

The International Building Code (IBC)

The next most important code is the International Building Code. This code contains general regulations that all buildings must follow.

This includes things like fire safety and exit requirements.

The Tennessee State Building Code (TSBC)

The last code you need to be aware of is the Tennessee State Building Code. This code contains specific regulations that pertain to Tennessee.

It’s important to follow this code because it will ensure your deck is up to the state’s standards.

You can get a copy of the TSBC from your local city office or online.

Note: For free standing decks, the problem with building permits is different. Most free standing decks don’t require a building permit, as they are not attached to the house and they’re independent structures. As long as your deck is not elevated from the ground, chances are you won’t need a permit to build it.

A constructor helmet and a judge hammer

The Application Process For A Building Permit

You will need to pull a permit in order to build your deck in Knoxville, TN. If you’re building a deck on your own or with an unlicensed deck builder, you should know there’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of back and forth to obtain the permit for your local city office.

In order to get the permit, you will need to submit a few things:

Once you have all of these things, you can submit your application and wait for it to be processed.

It usually takes a few weeks to get a permit, so make sure you plan ahead.

Pro Deck Builders And The deck Building Codes

If you want to avoid the hassle of getting a building permit, talk with a licensed contractor. A licensed deck builder will be able to obtain the building permit for you.

They know the procedures and the codes like the back of their palm, so they’ll get it much faster.

At Riverview Decks, we take care of all the paperwork so you can sit back and watch your deck come to life. We want you to have a smooth and pleasant journey with us, where there’s no pressure and as little stress on you as possible.

A deck building project in progress with a man screwing down the deck frame

The Most Important Guidelines For Decks And Porches

There are several aspects that need to be followed to the letter when building decks. After all, decks need to be safe spaces where you can entertain your guests without risking anyone’s life.

There are many factors to keep in mind when building decks. Rim joist, ledger board, deck joist span, concrete footings, deck posts, deck joists, joist size, diagonal bracing, and many more things you’ll need an expert to assist you with.

Until then, let’s look at the most important codes for building a deck Knoxville, TN.



Stair Construction


Floor System

A deck with black decking boards about to be installed


You don’t need to worry about the codes for building a deck when you’re working with a professional deck builder.

Undertaking a deck construction project on your own is a lot of hassle. It requires time, skill, and you’ll have to make many mistakes that maybe you can’t afford.

At Riverview Decks, we’re experts in building decks and outdoor spaces that can last a lifetime. We focus on giving you the best contracting experience, which is why we’ll take care of everything for you.

If you need more information about the applicable deck building codes in your area, give us a call at (865) 801-4545 and we’ll offer you guidance. If you want to get pros on your project, request a free quote today!