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Deck Building Codes in Farragut

In Farragut, Tennessee, like in many other communities, understanding and adhering to deck building codes is crucial for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces. These regulations are designed to ensure safety, durability, and the overall well-being of the community.

This blog post delves into the specific deck building codes applicable in Farragut, TN, providing homeowners with the knowledge they need to start their deck building projects with confidence.

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Understanding Deck Building Codes in Farragut, TN

Deck building codes are a set of guidelines and requirements set by local authorities to regulate the construction of outdoor decks. In Farragut, these codes are designed to ensure that all decks are structurally sound, safe, and do not negatively impact the surrounding environment or infringe upon the rights of neighbors. 

The codes cover various aspects of deck construction, including but not limited to, the size, height, materials, railings, and the distance from property lines.

Key Components of Farragut Deck Building Codes

Building guides and regulations

Navigating the Deck Building Process

To successfully navigate the deck building process in Farragut, homeowners should start by familiarizing themselves with the specific requirements outlined in the local building codes. 

Consulting with a professional builder or architect who is experienced in local regulations, like our team of professionals at Riverview Decks, can also provide valuable insights and help avoid potential pitfalls.

Additionally, the Town of Farragut’s Building and Zoning Department is a resource for homeowners, offering guidance and answering questions related to deck construction codes and permits.

Further Insights into Farragut’s Deck Building Codes

The Town of Farragut places a strong emphasis on the aesthetic integration of decks into the community fabric. This means that in addition to safety and structural integrity, consideration is given to how a deck looks and fits within the neighborhood. 

Therefore, homeowners are encouraged to consider the visual impact of their deck, including color, design, and overall style, ensuring it complements their home and the surrounding area.

rooftop deck with modern blue patio furniture


Embarking on a deck building project in Farragut, TN, requires a careful balance of creativity, compliance, and craftsmanship. By adhering to the local building codes, engaging with professionals like Riverview Decks, and investing in quality materials and design, you can ensure your deck is a safe, beautiful, and valuable addition to your home.

Whether you’re looking to entertain guests, enjoy quiet moments in nature, or simply enhance your outdoor living space, a well-built deck is a worthwhile investment that pays dividends in enjoyment and property value for years to come.


The time frame can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the current workload of the Building and Zoning Department. Generally, it’s wise to allow for 2-4 weeks.
While homeowners can undertake the construction themselves, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the building codes and possess the necessary construction skills. Hiring a professional can ensure compliance and quality.
Yes, the building codes specify types of wood that are acceptable, focusing on durability and resistance to decay. Pressure-treated lumber and certain types of natural wood resistant to rot are commonly approved.
If your deck fails to meet the inspection criteria, the inspector will provide a list of deficiencies that need to be addressed. You will have a specified period to correct these issues and request a re-inspection.

Let Riverview Decks Elevate Your Outdoor Space

At Riverview Decks, we specialize in transforming your outdoor living dreams into reality. With years of experience navigating Farragut’s deck building codes, our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step of the process – from design and material selection to construction and final inspection.

Trust us to deliver quality, compliance, and style. Contact Riverview Decks today, and let’s start building your dream deck together! (865) 801-4545