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The Best Deck Maintenance Routine for Spring in Knoxville, TN

Detail of a man with a scrubbing brush and a water hose making spring cleaning on a wooden terrace, Deck Maintenance Routine for Spring in Knoxville

With spring right around the corner and the slow temperature rise, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your deck the long-awaited maintenance routine it deserves. There are many things to check, from mold and mildew removal, loose screws and even the railings. We will go over all these and 7 other steps to make sure […]

Protecting Your Deck in Knoxville, TN: Stains vs. Sealers

deck stain vs sealers

You have two options to protect your outdoor deck in Knoxville’s changing weather: deck stains and deck sealers. Deck stains penetrate the wood, shielding it from sun damage, while deck sealers act as a clear barrier against water. For Knoxville’s variable climate, choosing a solution that keeps water out and prevents mold growth is crucial. […]

Explore 15 Stylish Awnings for Decks & Patios in 2024

Explore 15 Stylish Awnings for Decks & Patios

An awning, a secondary covering often attached to the exterior wall of a building, is a perfect solution for those seeking to enhance their outdoor living space while also providing shade and weather protection. With a wide variety of types of awnings for decks and patios available, you can transform your outdoor area into a […]

2024’s Top 10 Composite Decking Trex Alternatives

top 10 Composite Decking Trex Alternatives

Looking for high-quality Trex alternatives for your next decking project? You’re in the right place. Composite decking has revolutionized the construction industry, offering superior durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal compared to traditional wood decks. Trex, a pioneer in the composite decking industry, has long been a go-to choice for homeowners and contractors alike. But as […]

Safeguard Your Deck in 2023: Top 10 Deck Sealers

deck sealing, Deck Sealers to protect for Water on Deck

Get ready for the next warm season with best-in-class protection for your deck. High-quality deck sealers are paramount in preserving your deck, and we’ve rounded up the top 10 deck sealers for you here. Each sealer has distinct benefits, catering to different needs, and we have carefully handpicked them based on their performance, durability, and […]

2024’s Top 15 Deck Stains: Revive and Safeguard Your Deck

Backyard wet wooden deck floor boards with fresh brown deck stains

Deck staining not only enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space but also acts as a protective layer against harsh weather and foot traffic. Finding the right stain for your deck can be a daunting task, given the array of choices available in the market today. However, we’ve taken the time to sift through […]

Is Your Deck Safe? 10 Deck Safety Issues You Need to Fix ASAP!

wood broken on deck as deck safety issue

Experiencing issues with your deck can be both frustrating and risky. In the U.S., about 6,500 people a year are injured due to deck collapses or rail failures alone. This article provides an in-depth look at the top 10 decking safety issues you need to be aware of, helping you ensure your outdoor space is […]

The Ultimate Guide To Under Deck Ceiling Cost

Under Deck Dry Ceiling In Knoxville, TN

Underdeck ceilings provide multiple benefits, including increased insulation and noise reduction while improving the aesthetics of deck area of your home. However, understanding the costs involved is crucial before diving into this home improvement project. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about under deck ceiling costs – from materials and tools […]

How Much Does Cedar Decking Cost In 2024?

A cedar pool deck with long chairs

For the past few years, the cost of wood has been on the rise. Cedar decking costs have also fluctuated because of the new materials in the deck building industry. NASDAQ has a thorough guide on lumber prices that constantly get updated. Check their guide here! Despite increased prices, cedar remains one of the most […]

How To Choose The Best Decking Finishes For Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor deck near a pond

Creating an outdoor living space that is both beautiful and practical can be a tricky endeavor. Finding the right decking finishes for your particular application takes time, research, and—perhaps most importantly—a keen eye for detail. With so many choices available to you, it’s important to understand not just what types of deck finishes are out […]