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The Best Deck Repair In Alcoa, TN

Planning to start your deck repair in Alcoa? This guide will walk you through everything.

deck repaired in alcoa
With a commitment to providing Tennessee with the finest decks and outdoor spaces, Riverview Decks stands ready to offer you quality deck repair services. We are proud of our expertise in repairing decks and revel in helping others take pleasure in those improvements! Don’t look any further when looking for someone trustworthy to restore your deck — we have the know-how required to do the job right.
deck repair in alcoa

A Deck Repair Service That Never Disappoints In Alcoa, TN

We understand how important your deck is to you, so we promise that if anything isn’t up-to-par with the end product, we will do whatever it takes to make sure the job is done correctly.

Rest assured knowing that throughout this process, all of your worries and questions about home improvement projects are being taken into account. With our help transforming any backyard or front porch won’t just be for show – it’ll be an investment worth making!

With Riverview Decks, you’ll also get:

Get Your Premium Deck Repair In Alcoa, TN

If there are only some boards on your deck that need replacing, you might be able to get away with fixing just those. But if your old deck has other signs of distress like loose supports or rails, in the end, it will cost more money and time than simply opting for a full replacement now.

So rather than wait until further damage is done, save yourself from added expenses by starting fresh right away! At Riverview Decks, we provide a comprehensive inspection of your deck. After that point, it’s up to you whether you want to keep using your current deck or replace it entirely.

Get a free estimate for deck repair right now! Get the greatest price for your deck construction project, and enjoy a hassle-free procedure not found with any other deck contractor.

Alcoa Deck Owners Have Experience An Amazing Job


Maura Werthmann


Our former 2nd story deck may have been up to code in the past, but between age, weather and carpenter bees we needed to replace it. 

Nate and his crew replaced the formerly code allowable 4×4 posts with 6×6 posts, joists were maybe double in number, the wooden pickets replaced by rods that almost become invisible when looking out into the backyard. 

The flooring is Trex with a decorative edge that frames the floor as well as on the stair treads. We were surprised at how fast the Trex dries after torrential rain and how comfortable it is under a bare foot.

We aren’t novices at carpentry and woodworking, but we were impressed with the crew’s workmanship, precision of the cuts and their eye for detail; not to mention their almost non-stop work during hot, humid days

Nate, the crew, and even the supply delivery people were very professional, personable, respectful and punctual – clearly a well-organized company. Thank you, Nate, and thank you to your carpenters!

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

If you’re looking for quality deck construction or repair, look to the experienced professionals in Alcoa, TN. Here is an overview of materials and upgrades available during the process:

Deck Frame

Not too long ago, the standard for deck frames was grade #1 pressure-treated wood. In many cases, it still is because it’s affordable and reliable. However, there are now superior options available on the market, such as Fortress Building Product’s steel deck frames. These metal frames will outperform wooden ones in any condition or environment.

A pressure treated deck frame
A wood deck being replaced with composite


If you’re interested in installing a wooden deck, consider investing in more durable woods such as teak, ipe mahogany, or tigerwood – not only will these hardwoods give your outdoor escape an extraordinary look but also protect your wallet over time. 

To make the most informed decision for yourself and find out what is best suited for you, take advantage of the local professionals who are readily available to offer reliable service and expertise.

raised wood deck


If your deck has been around for a few years, chances are it is water-damaged and termite infested. You want to ensure that the structure of your deck remains safe and dependable – so why not consider aluminum as an option? Aluminum staircases prove to be more resilient than wood, guaranteeing their longevity with frequent use. Plus they’re much easier to install compared to other types of stairs!
deck with wood railings


With the invention of deck lights, stair-related accidents are now a thing of the past. Not too long ago, all stairwells and railings were pitch black at night—creating an unsafe environment for us to navigate through in the darkness. 

Thankfully, today we have laws that require deck lighting if no light source is present since they provide essential illumination while ascending or descending steps. We highly suggest opting for low-voltage lights as their bulbs last much longer than most kinds!

A rooftop deck with deck lighting
Other Upgrades:

Check Out Our Finished Deck Repair Projects In Alcoa, TN

Are you looking for a high-quality deck builder in Tennessee? Look no further than us! We’re especially experienced with building decks in Alcoa. To get an idea of our level of craftsmanship, take a look at some of the decks we’ve built for past projects.

The Best Way To Start Your Project

Using our quick and easy deck repair method, you’ll get the greatest outcomes. This procedure was also created with your safety in mind!
Deck builder 3D sketch in Tennesee



Request your free quote or call us directly!
Deck building process in Tennesee



Be part of your incredible deck building journey.
Complete deck building in Tennessee



Your new deck is ready! Time to plan your next barbecue!

A Deck Repair Pricing Case Study

We replaced the rotten stair stringers in this Tennessee house, preventing the homeowners from sustaining bodily harm when they use the stairs again.

This repair deck project included:

A deck building in Farragut

This project comes at a low cost of $850, and we know it’ll bring safety and beauty to the homeowner’s deck. He was so pleased with the outcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

The price to repair an Alcoa deck varies from $1500 to $8500, depending on the gravity of the problem. Less severe problems will cost less than major issues.

At the same time that we recognize how precious your time is, so do we. To make sure you don’t suffer any delays and are back up as soon as possible, most of our projects – largely due to their local nature – have quick turnaround times with repairs usually only taking one day or less.

In some unusual cases, however, it might take a bit longer depending on what’s needed from us. From start to finish though, you can rest assured knowing that we work hard in order for you to get back up and running quickly!

Save yourself time and hassle by letting us file the paperwork and get the permits needed for your project. We’re experts in the process, and we’ll make sure everything is done correctly.
simple deck with table and chairs

Let a professional deck repair specialist help you get your deck back!

When you choose Alcoa, TN’s premier deck-building company, you can be confident that your current deck is in good hands. We only hire the most skilled and experienced builders for our team – each one of whom provides competitively priced repair and construction services. With us on the job, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your project is being taken care of by true professionals!

We always prioritize our customers’ wants and needs first and work diligently to ensure that you’re completely pleased with the end result. So if you’re seeking out a stalwart team to take care of your deck repairs or constructions, look no further than us!

Your Deck Repair Awaits You!

Nate Burket, owner of Riverview Decks, deck builder in Knoxville, Tennesee

Call us at (865) 801-4545 and discuss your deck repair in Alcoa, TN directly with Nate, the owner of Riverview Decks. Or click the button below for a free quote, and we’ll personally call you as soon as possible!

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